Hello friends, in this post I will tell you how you can get free skins in Pubg lite, you can get all the skins of guns for free in Pubg lite, If you want to know about all these tricks then you can read this post completely.

There are many methods to get guns skins in free, which I have given below, you can read them all these tricks are absolutely genuine tricks, with the help of these tricks, I have also got many gun skins, you can also follow these methods for free. can get guns skins.

    6 Easy Methods To Get Pubg Lite Free Skins

    Method 1: Get Free Skins By Events

    Pubg lite keeps launching new events every week, in which you get a lot of missions which if you complete, you get new skins in the reward, you can check every event happening and skins by completing that missions.

    Method 2: Get Free Skins By In-game Store

    In-game store of Pubg lite, you also get to see many skins, you can get them for free, which you can redeem with bp coin, or if you have bc then you can also purchase from them.

    Method 3: Get Free Skins By Crates

    In Pubg lite, you can get skins by opening a lot of crates, for that you can collect a lot of scrap coupons and convert them to crate and you can get a lot of amazing skins by opening those crate.

    Method 4: Get Free Skins By VPN Tricks

    Friends often get lots of VPN tricks which you can use and get guns skins for free, for this you need a VPN and in whatever country skins are getting free, just connect VPN in that country. And after opening Pubg you will get skins for free.

    Method 5: Get Free Skins By Redeem code

    Pubg redeem code is often issued by the Tencent game which is redeemed in official sites of Pubg where you can get gun skins, emotes and outfits which you can get by opening crate from UC by going to game shop May have to spend all UC.

    Since UC is very expensive, readymade code is the only way to get these goods but the readymade code is very small and for a limited time which expires very quickly to get it. Have to work very hard and get acquainted with a very smile.

    If you have a redeem code, then you go to the official site of the Redemption Center Pubg mobile. You can redeem the redeem code by going there and you can get the goods for free.

    Method 6: Get Free Skins By Missions

    In Pubg lite, you get new missions every day, which you should complete every day, by completing this, your royal point will be increased and you also get the reward which you should collect as well as you missions of events which every week new in Pubg Launches events that you get new rewards to complete and in that you also get guns skins and clothes.

    And if you have any problem with unlocking clothes or guns skins in Pubg lite, then you can share your problem by sending me telegram or email and I will try my best to solve.

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    I hope you have liked this article and I promise that I will keep giving you such updates even further.