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How To Use BP In Pubg
How To Use BP In Pubg:- Fully Details Post

What Is BP

BP is a PUBG Mobile in-game currency that players earn through completing matches, missions, & more! They're used to purchase Soldier's Crates & change character appearances & gender.

    Where To Use BP

    You can use bp in Pubg, you can open a lot of Soldier's Crate from them, as well as changing your Character Looks & Gender in Pubg is also useful and you can also use bp in the section of the shop. You can also use it to buy many items.

    Purchase Soldier's Crate With BP

    In Pubg you can use to open a Solder crate, in which you can also get many items.

    Players can use BP to purchase "Soldier's Crate" from the Shop - these contain random outfits. The BP cost of the crate increases each time they're opened once and reset every week.

    Times Opened
    BP Cost
    1st Time
    700 BP
    2nd Time
    1,400 BP
    3rd Time
    2,800 BP
    4th Time
    4,200 BP
    5th Time
    5,600 BP
    6th Time
    7,000 BP

    Spend BP To Alter Character Looks & Gender

    The use of bp is also useful to change your Character Looks & Gender in Pubg.

    Use in the shop section

    You can see the use of bp by going to the shop section in which you can buy a lot of items from bp and buy a lot of items from bp requires prime or prime plus membership.

    Ways To Earn BP

    There are many ways of Pubg so that you can earn a lot of bp. If you want to know all these methods then read below.

    Complete A Match & Earn BP

    You get a lot of bp coin after playing every match of Pubg. If you have a BP 2x card, then you use the use card and you get double bp coin after the match, you can earn more bp coin.

    Log-in Daily For BP

    You get rewards every day by logging in daily, in which you get bp coin daily.

    Receive BP From Friends

    You get some bp coin from the gifts given by your friends and you can also bake the gift if you want to do this daily as there's only a limited number of gifts you can send out!

    Connect Social Network Accounts To Get BP

    Combining social accounts on Facebook, Google Play, Game Center & Twitter can earn you 2,000 BP. Even if you don't play using those accounts, be sure to still connect them!

    Earn BP Through Missions

    You get a lot of missions in Pubg like daily missions and achievement missions also have many missions. After completing those missions you get BP coin.

    Gather Points Via Event Rewards

    There are many new events coming every week in the Pubg, in which you get a lot of missions that get bp to complete.

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