Hello friends, in this post I am going to tell you how you can unlock new clothes in Pubg, if you too want new clothes in Pubg then you can read this post completely, which will give you information about how You can unlock clothes and you get new clothes in Pubg.

How To Unlock Clothes In Pubg Mobile
How To Unlock Clothes In Pubg Mobile: Guide Step By Step

    Complete Daily Sign-Ins

    If you log in Pubg daily then you get new rewards every day which you should collect daily and sometimes you get to see new clothes in it which you can use in Pubg.

    Complete Daily Missions And Events Missions

    In the Pubg you get new missions every day, which you should complete daily, by completing this, your Royal Point will be increased and you also get the reward which you should collect as well as your missions of events which every week new events in Pubg which you get new rewards in completing and in that you also get clothes.

    Buy Crates With Battle Points

    If you have battle points in the Pubg, you can buy crates from them and open them, you will get a lot of clothes as well. If you take prime plus membership in the Pubg then you can also buy clothes from the battle.

    Buy Crates With Unknown Cash

    If you like any clothes in the crates section then you can unlock the clothes by opening the crates with UC but for this, you need a lot of UC so if you have a lot of UC then only you open.

    Complete Achievement Missions

    In the Pubg you will go to the achievement missions by going to the section with missions and you will see that you will see a lot of missions in which you get clothes to complete a lot of missions, which you can check and complete that missions.

    Buy Royal Pass

    If you take the Royal Pass, you get new clothes and more rewards, for this, you have to complete the Royal Point by 100 and you get rewards in all the Royal Points, in which you get very cool clothes which Royal pass is not for those without.

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