Hello friends, in this post I will tell you how you can get m24 skin in Pubg, it is also absolutely free if you have gun skins, then the feel of a pro player comes and if you are sniping in Pubg then m24 You should follow the skin, for this, you can follow the steps given below.

How To Get M24 Skin In Pubg Mobile
How To Get M24 Skin In Pubg Mobile: Step By Step Guide

How to Get M24 PUBG Mobile Skin for Free

To get free M24 weapon skins, you must complete 200 TDM Match. Follow the guide below to get an M24 skin:

Step 1:- first of all click on maps box
Step 2:- now click on arena
Step 3:- now select TDM and play 200 match

After completing 200 matches, you will get the skin of m24 and you will have to play all the matches till the last. If you exit any match in the middle then you will not count.

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