Hello friends, in this post I am going to cover all the differences of pubg mobile and pubg lite such as game requirements, app size, game modes, maps, perspectives, server, gameplay, experience etc. Friends tell you that pubg lite is launched for a phone that has ram 2gb or less, because in those phones, pubg mobile is not working properly, in such phones, pubg is very lag and pubg mobile You can play in phones with 4 GB ram or more ram very easily.

Difference Between Pubg Mobile And Pubg Lite

Friends, today a lot of people want to play pubg games but due to lack of a good device they cannot play, keeping in mind that Tencent games people launched pubg lite in which pubs can run in low-end devices too but There are many differences between pubg mobile and pubg lite, to know which you can read this post completely.

    Difference Between Game requirements and app size

    When we talk about game requirements, pubg lite is designed for low devices, devices with ram 2 or less are designed for those devices and pubg mobile is designed for devices that have 4 gb ram or more. Ho pubg mobile is best for those devices as pubg mobile can play very well in those devices.

    And in both of these, if you talk about the app size, then pubg lite is about 500mb because pubg lite is very highly compressed and pubg mobile is about 2 GB in which all maps, cloths and skins except erangle are had to download separately

    Difference Between Players: Pubg Mobile And Pubg Lite

    PUBG Mobile has a player cap of 100 players per match, which it needs to start the match. However, PUBG Mobile Lite has a smaller player cap of 40 players, which with its India release was increased to 60 players per match.

    Difference Between Game modes, maps, perspectives, server options

    pubg mobile and pubg lite are very similar in appearance, but the difference is in their maps, in pubg lite you will see only 2 mods, in which you will only see arrangel and war and in pubg mobile you will get 4 mods where you will get all the maps You will find such as - Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. In Arcade, there is War, Mini-Zone, Quick Match, and Sniper Training. EvoGround also includes three maps - TDM: Warehouse, Zombie: Darkest Night, and Zombie: Survive Till Dawn 2.

    With PUBG Mobile, you have the option to choose between Third Person Perspective (TPP) and First Person Perspective (FPP), each of which slightly changes the available maps and there is no arcade mode for FPP.

    In pubg lite you do not have the option to choose any server, in that you have to play on the server of Asia and South America and in pubg mobile you get many servers like - Asia, Middle East, North America, South America, Europe, and KRJP You can play on any of these servers

    Difference Between Gameplay, experience

    There is a lot of difference in the gameplay of pubg lite and pubg mobile. There is a lot of difference in the graphics of these two, because pubg lite is very compress, in pubg mobile you have got the option to choose graphics but in pubg lite you have No option of graphics will be found and if we talk about the sound in both of these, then the sound of both pubg lite and pubg mobile is almost the same. The sound of all the wepons is also the same and the control of both of them is also the same.

    Difference Between Other features

    Talking about pubg lite and other features in pubg mobile, you do not get any type of crew or clan option in pubg lite, maybe add in future. You need bc for royal pass in pubg lite and pubg mobile I read the need for uc and in pubg mobile you do not get uc for daily free but in pubg lite you get uc daily for free and in pubg mobile you will get to see many more features but in pubg lite You won't get