Hello, gamers, before I tell you all the tricks of pubg free BC, I want to tell you that all these tricks are very genuine tricks [Self-verified] With the help of these tricks, I also collected BC for every season very easily.


Also, tell you that all these tricks are not hacking, it will not threaten your pubg account in any way.
We are going to tell you many methods to get pubg free BC in this single article, as well as adding the tricks coming in the future in this article, so if you want to see that update immediately then you can join our Telegram channel Or you can also bookmark this page.

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All these methods are such that you can collect BC for not only one season but for the whole season of pubg, some of these tricks will get BC for Royal Pass soon and some tricks will get BC in a few days later but It is my guarantee that with all this method you will get BC for Royal Pass absolutely free.


    1. Method: - Free Pubg BC Purchase By Online Survey

    There are many apps and websites in which you can earn money by doing online survey and you can buy free BC about which I will tell you

    1. Google Opinion Rewards


    In Google Opinion Rewards, you ask new questions every day and they have to give their own Opinion for which Google pays you money and you can spend that money in the Play Store itself. You can buy BC for pubg with that money. This is also a very good method by which you can collect BC for a royal pass.

    2. Crownit


    In Crownit, you ask new questions every day and they have to give their own opinion for which you get money and you can get that money through PayPal, you can buy BC for pubg with that money also this one There is a very good method by which you can collect BC for Royal Pass.

    There are many more such applications, to know about which you can join our telegram, where I will keep giving you daily updates of pubg.

    2. Method: - Refer And Earn [only 2 refer]

    Yes, Friends, you can collect money for Royal Pass only by referencing 2.

    You will know that there are many applications which gives you a lot of money for 1 to 1 refer, but here I will tell you about only 1 application which is a completely genuine app and will give you 100% guaranty money, for this you will only 2 must refer which is very easy for everyone

    Today there are more than 2 phones in everyone's house, you can refer to your family member's phone by taking it

    The name of this app is hello, it gives you 350 rupees for referral of app 1 and you can also do an extra Income of daily activity.


    Step 1: You can download this by clicking below click here.

    Click here


    Step 2: Now you have to register with your phone number, whoever asks for details will have to fill it {like phone no. Name and date of birth}

    Step 3: Now you can share your friends by copying your referral link or clicking on the option of direct share.

    Step 4: Follow the below images to get the referral link.


    Step 5: As soon as your friend installs that app from the link given to you, you will get 50 rupees immediately. To get 300 rupees for the rest, your friend will have to open that app once daily for 14 days and you will get every Money will continue to be paid for the day, similarly, after 14 days you will have total Rs 350, in this way after 14 days you will have Rs 400 and you can get that money through your Paytm.

    With that money, you can buy BC in-app Pubg

    There are many such applications in the Internet, by referring to it, you can make a lot of income daily, thus you will get BC for every season, from which you can buy Royal Pass.

    If you want to know about such application, you can get it in our Telegram channel, we upload all the information of many applications and loots in our Telegram channel.

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    3. Method: - Play Tournaments

    This method is for those who are a good player, you can earn as much as you can in those matches, those matches have a good price and if you do not win then even the kills get money at 10-20 rupees. You can get money from these and collect them for Royal Pass

    4. Method: - Join Our Giveaways [Comming Soon]

    We have a good giveaway coming in which we are going to giveaway many Royal passes.
    Join us on Telegram to receive giveaway updates.

    5. Watch Ads In Pubg Lite

    You can earn BC by watching video ads in Pubg lite, you can earn 5 bc daily, you can earn 280 bc for free in 2 months by watching video ads every day.

    So friends, if you want to know such updates, then you will be added to our Telegram channel, I will first share the latest updates of the pubg.

    I hope you have liked this article and I promise that I will keep giving you such updates even further.