Hello, friend Today I am going to tell you in this post that the recall event which has added a new event in Pubg mobile which is going to be on till 26/05/2020, is a very good event in which you can find many things like skins, cloth, scrap coupons, Silver fragrances, and more

recall event in pubg

In this event, you have to invite such a friend in your Pubg friend's list and when you join your invite code, you get some gifts as soon as you join each friend, you can join 4 friends whose gifts You can see below.

Apart from this, you can get more gifts if your friend fulfills all the given mission, then you get a recall token which you can redeem.

If you join this link then you will get any one of them.

Refer link- Click Here
Refer code- 20MI8ND

    Tricks To Recall Your Teammates in Pubg Mobile

    Recall Event in pubg

    Event Rule In Recall

    1. Player who are above level 15 and have not logged in for more than 28 days are eligble for the recall event.
    2. Each recall mission can be completed 15 times and gives recall tokens, which can be used to redeem rewards in the event shop.
    3. Each recalled player can help you complete each recall mission once.
    4. There is a limit to how many items of each kind you can redeem from the event shop.
    5. Unused recall tokens are converted to BP and sent via mail at the end of the event.

    Recall Event Assemble Missions

    Recall Event in pubg

    Friends, this mission is not for you, it is for your friend, whom you have invited, if your friends complete all these missions then you will get all these tokens, which you have to redeem by going to the redeem section.

    Recall Event Redemption Store in Pubg Mobile

    Recall Event in pubg

    In this section you can redeem all the recalls tokens you will get a lot of options to redeem here, you can redeem whatever you want.