Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about a new Amazing event in pubg called guncraft, in this, you will be given one of the features in pubg mobile, in which you can design custom weapons. You can design and waste the stickers or sprays you find in pubg every time you can do it in a guncraft event, this is the most useless item of pubg now coming in.

We are going to see the next version update of pubg mobile very soon, which can be 0.18.4 pubg mobile has already announced the related points in it, so it is confirmed that in your update guncraft features will be seen friends, this new gun craft features was released in pubg mobile in 0.14.4 beta version but not only that, pubg mobile has recently launched an event which is related to gun craft event and its It has been clearly updated inside that this event will be found in the new update, in this event we will have to complete some daily mission, which we will get some points.

The more and more people can participate in this event so that they can remain engaged about this guncraft features and this is why pubg mobile has announced a server-wide event for this new event and hence the more and more people will participate, the more missions progress Increase.

In this event, you also have guncraft special items which we are going to get as rewards on completing the mission and you have to collect only the item that we are going to come up with less in this server-wide mission, then you friends Don't waste coins by redeeming ag currency or scrap coupons. We have to save the points of daily missions by purchasing special items.

But you must be thinking that this special item is the last one, and how will pubg mobile not appear about it yet, then I tell you

These two items are special paint of guncraft which looks like this and we can do it to create custom gun skins in gun craft features.

But apart from both, there is also a third item. There is stickers. To get this, you have to go to the painted section of the inventory and as soon as you click in any sticker of the inventory, you will get the option of the readymade in which you will click. You will get the option to purchase these stickers, in this, you can redeem your useless spray paints by purchasing skins for your guns and you can exchange any of these stickers with 120 spray paint stickers.

And right now the lucky draw event for gun craft event is also coming and there can be lots of uc spending positions to get stickers, so if you also want to design skins for your guns then you have to participate in this event and You can collect n sub-items very easily

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I hope you have liked this article and I promise that I will keep giving you such updates even further.