Hello friends, in this post I am going to tell you how you can get scrap coupons daily free of cost, you can get supply, premium and classic scrap coupons for free.

You can create a box by collecting scrap coupons, which you can open and get gun skins, cloths, and many more.

1. Silver Fragments
2. Clans Shop
3. VPN tricks
4. Events

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    Free Scrap Coupon In Pubg Mobile

    1. By Silver Fragments:-

    If you have silver fragrances, you can buy 10 scrap coupons daily from that, for that you can go to the shop and buy in the option of redeeming.

    2. By Clan Shop: -

    If you have a clan point then you can go to the shop option and buy a scrap coupon by going to the clan, for this, you need to join any clan only then you will get clan points, for this you must complete all the challenges of the clan. it happens

    3. By VPN Tricks:-

    There are daily VPN tricks in Pubg so that you can get gun skins, cloths, or scrap coupons. Such vpn tricks are only for one day, if you do not want to miss this trick then you can use our telegram. You can join the channel where you can share such updates on our Telegram channel the fastest, which you can take advantage of.

    4. By Events:-

    Every week a new event goes on in the Pubg, in which the users get a lot of scrap coupons, many people miss this event because they do not get the information if you do not want to miss all these events. Then join us in Telegram.

    There are many more tricks by which you can get scrap coupons for free, I will share all those tricks with you on my website, you can check by visiting daily.

    I hope you liked this article and will continue to share lots of Pubg tips and tricks, glitches, VPN tricks,