Hello Friends, Today I am going to tell you about UC and ag currency in Pubg. You will know that a new currency has been added to the new update of Pubg, which is called ag currency or you should take it. How important is this for you? We are going to cover it in this post. If you also want to know about it, then read this article completely.

ag vs uc

AG Vs UC Currency Which Is Best

So, first of all, we talk about UC currency, all of you will know that you can buy almost 90% of things in the pub from UC, then you know its uses and benefits, then you will not talk much about it now. Let's talk about ag currency, this currency has been added in the new update of Pubg 0.18.0. Currently, there is no more use of this currency in Pubg. Now you can redeem this currency just by going to the readymade section.

If you have got a royal pass in this season, then you have to choose one of UC or ag currency, then you should choose UC currency without thinking because this ag currency is not going to give you any profit. Much less than fragments.

    Buy Royal Pass From AG Currency

    Look friends have not been given the option to buy any kind of royal pass from ag currency right now, maybe find it in the future but can't say anything right now, so friends if u choose only in the rewards you have for completing a mission in royal pass. Because you cannot get a royal pass again next season with ag currency

    How To Get Free AG Currency

    Friends, if you go to the mission section and see, you will get a few missions and you will get ag currency, yet you will get to see it in very few missions but you will get more in the future
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    I hope you have liked this article and I promise that I will keep giving you such updates even further.